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Online Vendor Management

Ready to reduce your time spent managing vendors by up to 40%? With FAEM's vendor management tool you can accept/wait-list/reject applications, request document uploads like insurance or booth photos, accept online payments, track booth sales, integrated messaging (no more jumbled emails), personalized notes section for each vendor, automated reminder emails to vendors when they're missing items and so much more! The best part? NO SETUP FEES OR HEFTY PRICES! Simple pay as you go pricing or flat rate/enterprise pricing. Built by vendor coordinators for vendor coordinators.

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Configure Online Applications

Frustrated with vendors only filling out part of an application? Wish you could ditch all the paper applications pilling up in the binders year after year? Questioning if a vendor actually turned in their application online? With FAEM's online vendor management you can easily make your paper applications digital! Need help getting them from document to digital? FAEM is always available to help setting up your applications lickidy split! Say hello to readable, organized, and time stamped applications.

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Interactive Booth Maps

Create interactive booth layout maps for your whole event. Assign vendors to booths so attendees can understand where things are at before they show up! Allow vendors to see which booths are still available, reducing the questions asked by vendors. Easily know exactly how many booths you have available to sell, what sizes they are, if they have power or water, and so much more. Interactive means easy to use too! Hover over booths and it'll show you which vendor has been assigned or if it's still available it'll show you all the booth details.

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Find Events and Vendors Near You

Are you looking for vendors to attend your event? Maybe you're a vendor looking for events to attend? With FAEM you can search for vendors, events, service providers, and venues in your area or nationwide! Easily filter to only see exactly what you need. Be sure to leave a rating for those awesome events and vendors you see out there!

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Ron's new event

New event



NW Bullfest

Bull riding and fun!


FAEM - Fair & Event Management 1.0000 Bay City, OR View Profile
Jim's Hot Dogs Food 0.0000 st.helens, OR View Profile
Pilgrim’s Roasted Nut’Z 0.0000 View Profile
H&H Sweets LLC - Hawaiian Food Food 0.0000 Scappoose, OR View Profile
H&H Sweets LLC - Hawaiian Shave Ice Food 0.0000 Scappoose, OR View Profile
Wrap Around Town Food 0.0000 Portland, OR View Profile
Rock Lobster Design 0.0000 View Profile


It's 2020, why are we still accepting paper vendor applications? FAEM allows you to accept applications and payment online, search/rate vendors, manage vendor applications on one platform, automatic reminders to vendors for missing documents (that's right no more emailing constantly trying to get that certain document!), booth layout assignments, messaging platform, custom form builder, and much more!


Ever send vendor applications and wonder what the status is? Hate printing off applications and mailing them in? With FAEM you can apply to events online, pay booth fees, check your application status, search/rate events, and get noticed by events looking for your goods!

Service Providers

Do you provide a service to the event industry? Isn't it about time that there's a platform where you can search for events, rate customers, get booked, and be seen by your customers? Welcome to FAEM my friend where all those wishes are now a reality with the FAEM platform!

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